Discover The Closely Guarded Secrets From Doctors That Run The Largest Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition Practices In The Country
September 15-16, 2018  
Denver, Colorado
Discover The Closely Guarded Secrets From Doctors That Run The Largest Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition Practices In The Country
September 15-16, 2018  
Denver, Colorado
Ticket Price Increases To $350 On September 1
The FM Shift Presents
Drive The Shift
You'll discover the HOTTEST healthcare niche and the repeatable business systemthat will take your practice from where it is to where you know it should be.

This is the one event this year that will teach you the secrets of how the country's largest cash practices are built. 
This isn't your typical clinical seminar.
At Drive The Shift, we're not just talking about clinical techniques. We're talking about your business model, growth, and impact. 

When you invest in a ticket, you're starting the process of skyrocketing your practice through top-notch practice management strategies, cutting-edge care, and breakthrough protocols that can be easily implemented by you and your team.
  • Discover the breakthrough practice building techniques that have been tested and proven to build the biggest practices in the country
  •  Receive a plug-and-play system that inspires patients to say Yes to themselves virtually every time.
  •  Unlock an entirely new segment of patients who are desperate for your help and have nowhere else to turn
  •  Learn to use a powerful model that has been repeatedly proven to rapidly build the nation's BIGGEST and MOST IMPACTFUL practices.
Is this event right for you?
This event is perfect for practice owners, Functional Medicine practitioners, integrated health experts, and natural health providers of All disciplines. It's especially for you if:
  •  You're growing, but not fast enough. You want to access tested and proven business systems that will take you to where you know you need to be. 
  •  You know you need to innovate to stay ahead your competition. The market has become saturated with doctors advertising basically the same thing. The next new thing for natural healthcare providers is here. You will either be first to market or fall behind the next evolution of healthcare.
  •  You're craving an expert team who has done what you're trying to do. It takes a fraction of the time and money to achieve big results when you have guidance from someone - or a team - who has been where you are right now.
Every day, natural health care practices struggle to attract new patients, fail to get them to say Yes to themselves, and ultimately fall short of their desired community impact.  

The only difference between the “haves” and the “have nots” is that the “haves” protect their closely guarded secrets, secrets that put them on top.

If you're ready to join “the haves”, this is the event where the curtain is pulled back on all of the success strategies that build the biggest practices and help the most people. 

You know there must be a way to systematically grow your practice, but it constantly feels like it's one step forward and two steps back. 
You also know, that no matter how many CE courses you take, it does not bring you more patients.
Some think it takes time to create a booming practice. Well, it does if you do it the hard way. Grinding it out year- in-and-year-out wastes time, energy, and unfortunately keeps patients in your community from getting the help they need. Because let's face it, there aren't many providers around with your skill set.
The truth is...the smart practices are able to leverage what others have done to make a quantum leap and practically change their fortunes overnight.
It's taken 16 years, a lot of energy, and millions of dollars for us to develop and perfect our Practice Management Systems. Quite simply…it leads the industry. Only at Drive The Shift can you learn the in's and out's of how to grow your business lightning fast and begin to make the community impact you always knew you could.

We'll show you step-by-step how to systematize and grow your practice without the years of trial-and-error. We take you by the hand and show you the systems that the nation's biggest practices have mastered. Our students and clients have the largest and most successful clinics because they leverage our experience and learn from the mistakes we made along the way.  

While at Drive The Shift, you'll be introduced to the four main areas of our practice management system. Our model is comprised of four key categories, each which play an integral part in your practice's ability to grow quickly.
We have tested, continue to develop best practices, and streamlined every process you need to run a smooth and seamless operation. Drive The Shift will share them with you and allow you to leverage our efforts.
The FM Shift knows how to turn your front and back-office into a well-oiled machine. Take the systems we've developed and share them with your team - they will thank you for years to come!
In order to set yourself apart in the eyes of the market you have to do things that no one else is doing. You have to be Unique. We will teach you the Hottest and Fastest growing niche from top to bottom. We will teach you how to Reverse Cognitive Decline and early stages of Alzheimer's Disease. Imagine the new patient influx when you learn how to solve this problem.
Sales isn't your favorite part of the job - and likely not even close to your strong suit. However, it is the most important and humane thing you can master. Because without an effective admissions system you never get the privilege of treating the patient. In other words, you both lose. We will teach you our entire admissions system that inspires prospective patients, gets them out of their own way, and allows them to say Yes to themselves virtually every time.
Move beyond the same-old niches that every other practice is focusing on.
Start using the hottest and most in-demand niche in healthcare.
If you're looking to grow and make life easier, you need to be offering solutions to problems that your competition can't solve.

Imagine if you were able to legitimately reverse cognitive decline and early stage Alzheimer's Disease. Well you can and we will teach you how to do it. The good news is you already have the foundation to make this happen for your community.

The problem is almost always a lack of know-how on the business side of things. 

And let's face it...

You went to school to learn how to help sick people get well and you did not take a class called How To Become An Entrepreneur. At The FM Shift, we have perfected a complete turn-key system that teaches you how to treat the patient step-by-step AND we teach a business model that makes it all work.
Hosted at the Marriott Denver Tech Center
Save Your Seat At
Drive The Shift
  •  September 15-16: Plan to stay the weekend
  •  Bring Your Spouse For Free: Clinicians and staff receive discounted tickets after the first purchase
  •  Top FM Doctors: Surround yourself with the industry leaders in Functional Medicine
  •  Discounted Tickets For Associate Doctors & Staff
Meet Dr. Heather and Dr. Brandon, the practice management experts who hold the key to exploding your business...
Dr. Brandon and Dr. Heather Credeur have served the natural health care profession for years. 

They are credited with building the largest FM practice in the world. They have directly treated over 5,000 patients and have indirectly been responsible for tens of thousands reversing a multitude of chronic diseases. They have successfully trained hundreds of clients all over the U.S. 

Their clients have seen breakthrough results through specific, systemized growth programs, leading to greater financial results and massive impact to local communities. At Drive The Shift, they will be revealing their entire system that gets patients to say yes to themselves virtually every time. 
Be First To Market With The One Service That No One Else Can Provide
Cognitive decline and Alzheimer's Disease is growing at epidemic proportions. This healthcare crisis has been a burden on patients and family - and health care providers - for years. Until now there has been no solution. Imagine the possibilities!

The current approach to Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's Disease has been (at best) futile. Most patients are told, “get your affairs in order” and then put on drugs that have little to no benefit and often create more damage. These are the forgotten patients in your community that are left to suffer the most horrific of disease processes.
have gone through this breakthrough clinical model
Success Rate
from clinical trials conducted across the country & in multiple institutions
validating the approach in peer-reviewed medical journals
Meet Dr. Ruben Valdes, one of the leading doctors in the reversal of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's Disease.
He is your key to tapping into the hottest niche in natural healthcare.
Dr. Valdes has been on the cutting edge of cognitive decline care and the reversal of Alzheimer's Disease for years. 

His innovative work and research in the Functional Medicine field has allowed patients in his practices to return to a state of living full - and longer - lives. 

Dr. Valdes will be joining you at Drive The Shift to provide the clinical training necessary to offer these services in your own practice. He will share the latest research on cognitive decline care and provide the protocols behind launching these care plans for your patients.
Here are 5 ways Drive The Shift will shift the way you run your practice, impact your community, and live your life.
Drive The Shift approaches your practice in two key areas: your business and your patients. If you focus on one and ignore the other, you won't be able to grow. So we focus on your business model while equipping you with the most current science and its applications.

1. Marketing
Use our tested and proven marketing systems to flood your practice with patients who are waiting for you to raise your hand. We will teach you what to do first, second, how to scale, and ultimately build your business to your desired level.

2. Sales
Let's face it the insurance system has not been built for the patient, and it is certainly not built for us. So, in order to save lives we must learn how to embrace the selling process. We must create an honest sales system that is built on integrity and doing what is right for the patient. We will teach you the system where virtually every patient says Yes to themselves, pays cash, and gets the help that they need.

3. Staff Training
Your staff is either helping you build your business or they are eroding it from the inside out. Our system comes complete with full staff training. At the end of the day we have found that more than anything staff want training, because they want to understand how best to contribute to the growth of the practice. Your staff will be able to slip right into our system and help you build the practice of your dreams.  

4. Clinical Training
We will teach you all of the science and show you all of the research. More importantly we will show you how to apply it in the real world. There are many moving pieces to Reversing Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's Disease and we have pulled them all together and systematized them. This is not only important for your business, but as you might expect for this patient population. 

We will show you how to be a Healthcare Hero in your community and do something that virtually no other provider can do. Imagine what it will be like when you communicate to your community that you can reverse this wretched disease.

5. Move Past The Old, Saturated Niches. 
In our fast paced society the game of business is won by being on the cutting edge of progress. You will leave your competition in the dust and breathe fresh air into your marketing efforts by adding a service that is so desperately needed. Imagine being the only one in your market showing patients how to Reverse Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Disease.
Hosted at the Marriott Denver Tech Center
Save Your Seat At
Drive The Shift
  •  September 15-16: Plan to stay the weekend
  •  Bring Your Spouse For Free: Clinicians and staff receive discounted tickets after the first purchase
  •  Top FM Doctors: Surround yourself with the industry leaders in Functional Medicine
  •  Discounted Tickets For Associate Doctors & Staff
"Never before have I been so amazed..."
The FM Shift has pioneered the path in bringing the identity and practicum of reversing cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease to clinical practice. Never before have I been so amazed with each patient encounter and the hope instilled in the family to regain the health lost in a loved one. It’s emotional and moving every day. My team could not be more motivated with each and every patient we see. 

FM Shift has provided the practice foundation, the clinical expertise, and the exceptional leadership through Dr. Brandon, Dr. Heather and Dr. Ruben to make me a top practitioner in my field. Not to mention increasing my practice revenue significantly within the short time we’ve worked with them. The doctors I get to sit with are amazing! They share the love and passion I do in having the opportunity to save brains each and every day. Thank you FM Shift!
Dr. Joshua Bletzinger, DC
"FM Shift is’s a life changer..."
I’m passionate in helping patients Reverse Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s. I don’t want people to suffer needlessly. FM Shift is’s a life changer from all perspectives.

I have the clinical knowledge and the support of who I consider my mentors being Brandon, Heather and Ruben as well as a fantastic group of doctors which has enabled me to help my patients thrive and reverse their condition. I have confidently and successfully contributed to the bigger picture of healing a billion brains.
Dr. Glenda Davis, DC
These doctors have helped me multiply my skills to help people and impact my community beyond what I thought was possible! We are now well positioned to lead and have the best practices in all of healthcare for the next 20 years and beyond!
Dr. Mike Binder
The FM Shift is blazing the trail once again! They are teaching doctors all over the world how to use the newest, most cutting-edge technology to actually reverse cognitive decline and provide their patients the only viable, healthy option for victims suffering from the destructive and debilitating symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementia. Using their system, doctors can learn how to not only incorporate the niche of Alzheimer's into their practice, but how to market, train staff, and turn their office into a well-oiled machine. If you have been looking to expand your practice, The FM Shift can show you the exact steps necessary to start changing lives and building your business. 
Dr. Chris Driscoll
The FM Shift has masterfully provided the most innovative approach, and the very first program with in-depth and comprehensive tools to treat, prevent and reverse Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Disease. I am super excited to be a part of this amazing journey to heal a billion brains!!!
Dr. Cora Lanyon, DC
Get Guidance From The People Who Have 
Been In Your Shoes
Drive The Shift is filled with experts who will accelerate your learning curve. You'll skip past the trial-and-error of growing a practice by yourself and jump right into the proven systems and services that lie at the foundation of the country's biggest practices. 

When you attend Drive The Shift, you'll have access to each of our amazing instructors. Learn from them during their talks and meet with them 1-on-1 during happy hour, before, and after information sessions.
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
Best-Selling Author & Speaker
The Evolution Of Healthcare
Dr. Ruben Valdes
Co-Founder Of The FM Shift
A Step-By-Step Approach to Enhancing Brain Function 
Dr. Heather Credeur
Co-Founder Of The FM Shift
How to Get Patients to Say YES to
Themselves Virtually Every Time.
Dr. Brandon Credeur
Co-Founder Of The FM Shift
How to Get Patients to Say YES to
Themselves Virtually Every Time.
Melanie Spring
CEO Of Branded Confidence
Rock Your Patients
Dan Russell
CEO Of Agency Golden
The Science Of Patient Retention
Event & Training Agenda
Friday, September 14th
  •  6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m: Arrival & Happy Hour for all attendees
Saturday, September 15th
  •  9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m:    Dr. Fabrizio Mancini - The Evolution Of Healthcare
In this presentation Dr. Fab Mancini will share over 30 years of experiences in leadership and how healthcare has evolved. He will also share what the public is demanding from his appearances on TV, Radio and Public speaking. It’s time that you position yourself properly so you can grow your practice and create a greater impact in your communitiy. The health of many depend on it. Don’t miss this presentation!
  • 10:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m:    Break
  • 10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m:    Dr. Heather Credeur & Dr. Brandon Credeur - How to get patients to say YES to themselves virtually every time.
Dr. Heather and Brandon Credeur will share their entire admissions system that gets patients out of their own way and allows them to say YES to themselves. This is a step-by-step system that has been effectively used by providers all over the country to build some of largest cash-based FM practices. You will walk away knowing how to never be told “NO” again by a prospective patient.
  • 12:15 p.m. - 1:15 p.m:    Lunch On Your Own
  • 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m:    Dan Russell - The Science Of Patient Retention
Over the course of this hour, Dan Russell will explain what it means to have an automated Patient Retention System in your business. You'll walk through an extra-simple strategy that you can use in your practice immediately, helping you keep more of the patients that walk through your door.
  • 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m:    Dr. Ruben Valdes - A Step-By-Step Approach to Enhancing Brain Function: Reversing Cognitive Decline and Early Alzheimer’s Disease
Dr. Valdes will take you through the model and approach to reversing cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease. He will show you exactly what is driving cognitive decline and how to begin helping your patients reverse the condition through the principles of functional medicine.
  • 4:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m:    Break
  • 4:45 p.m. - 6:45 p.m:    Melanie Spring - Rock Your Patients
Join Melanie Spring for a speaking workshop on how to connect with your patients as a human, not just as a doctor. Walk away with specific strategies to connect more deeply with your patients, retain more patients over the course of years - not weeks - and explain what you do succinctly and clearly.
Sunday, September 16th
  • 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m:    A Deep Dive Into The Clinical Applications Of Reversing Cognitive Decline & Alzheimer's Disease
You will leave this session not only understanding the science of dealing with this condition, but also understanding how to apply it with your patient population.
Training Location:
Marriott Tech Center
Hosted at the Marriott Denver Tech Center
Save Your Seat At
Drive The Shift
  •  September 15-16: Plan to stay the weekend
  •  Bring Your Spouse For Free: Clinicians and staff receive discounted tickets after the first purchase
  •  Top FM Doctors: Surround yourself with the industry leaders in Functional Medicine
  •  Discounted Tickets For Associate Doctors & Staff
Clients Celebrate This Breakthrough Work
"a life changing program..."
The FM Shift is a life changing program not only for the patient who has Cognitive decline or full blown Alzheimer’s but for me as a clinician as well!! I have already learned so much through the training's that I feel very secure in my skills to diagnose and help these patients who had no hope prior to this program. Clinically speaking I felt I was decent before but now it’s like being supercharged and elevated to the next level with knowledge that is practical and easily put into use! The training's are in bite size chunks that are digestible and easily understood and when I’m talking to a patient I totally feel like I’m the one person who now has the answers and ability to help them.
You can’t ask for a more caring or better prepared team of people than Drs. Brandon, Heather and Ruben! I just had my first dinner event and had 3 of 4 people/potential patients scheduling for the brain imaging. They alone will pay for the entire cost of the program. And it’s only the first talk!
Dr. Det James, DC
"The FM Shift is lighting the path..."
You never hear of anyone reversing Alzheimer’s, until now! The FM Shift is lighting the path for these families who feel like there is no hope. Finally there is an answer. The FM Shift has the solution. I love that I get to be on the forefront of the reversal of Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s. Truly healing our patients is why we do what we do. Here’s to healing a billion brains!!!
Dr. Candice Hall, DC
"a step by step approach..."
The FM Shift has taken a fairly complicated topic, Alzheimer’s, and created a step by step approach to reversing this disease. If you are just starting with FM or you have been practicing for many years you will be able to implement the protocols very easily. I am excited about the future and being able to help so many people reverse this devastating disease.
Dr. Jason Shumard, DC
"The FM Shift is changing the face of functional medicine..."
The FM Shift is changing the face of functional medicine by being the first to introduce reversing cognitive decline and Alzheimer's. This is groundbreaking work that will impact so many families and save them from this deadly disease.  

The patients that we are helping are beyond thankful and thrilled that there is finally hope in what has been a hopeless situation. The support from the leaders of The FM Shift has been invaluable. We highly recommend their direction and leadership if you want to join in saving a billion brains! #billionbrainproject.    
Dr. Jade Malay & Shamis Tate
"put together so well and can be implemented smoothly..."
The coaching is far superior than any other group that we have worked with. It is extremely personal and well put together. We implemented things exactly as we were taught and got amazing results for people suffering with chronic disease that, as we all know, are often mismanaged. Embarking on Cognitive Decline is very exciting. To help people and prevent them from going down that long dark road of literally losing their mind and quality of life, for not only themselves but their families, is so exciting! As before, the FM shift is put together so well and can be implemented smoothly and quickly - it is top notch. I endorse them 100% as superior in every aspect of running a thriving FM practice and helping a lot of people. On a personal note, I know first hand the level of integrity they have as human beings.
Carie Lukas, R.N – Georgia Integrated Health Center
"They have been truly instrumental in changing my practice.."
I have been working with Brandon and Heather for almost 6 years now and am really excited to start adding the Cognitive Decline niche to my practice. They have been truly instrumental in changing my practice over the past 6 years.
I went from just getting by from month to month after 25 years in practice to having a thriving practice now that is booked out 2-3 months in advance. I highly recommend Brandon and Heather and the services they offer. They are experts in marketing and sales. They have everything you need from training for you and your staff to all the forms and protocols needed to make you successful. You will not be disappointed. 
Dale Kelly, DC, CFMP Reno, NV
"I have found Brandon and Heather as excellent communicators ..."
The FM Shift is for people who want to take their FM skills and super charge them, so they can reach the maximum number of people.
I have found Brandon and Heather as excellent communicators who work earnestly with their clients. Their integrity is beyond reproach.
Dr. Forrest Hannon
"I can’t say enough about working with Dr Brandon and Heather Credeur and Dr Ruben Valdes..."
The FM Shift has provided outstanding training and support, allowing physicians like myself, to serve 
those suffering from Cognitive decline. Watching my Grandparents suffering from cognitive impairment 
and dementia made this a reality for my family and being able to bring these services to the community 
and give other families hope and a way out from this dreaded and debilitating disease is a rewarding experience. I can’t say enough about working with Dr Brandon and Heather Credeur and Dr Ruben Valdes. These doctors have challenged physicians like myself to never stop growing in their education and 
treatment approaches to serve the public with a passion and purpose to deliver a service that is now 
changing the face of healthcare one doctor at a time. 
Dr. Jason Crockett, DC Clinic Director, Zeal Integrated Health
"Be the first to market and help these patients...."
You probably know someone who has survived cancer. Do you know anyone who’s survived Alzheimer’s? Not until now has this been possible! The FM Shift will show you how with confidence and certainty to help the individuals and families afflicted by this horrible disease once thought as just a death sentence. 

The #1 most feared disease by individuals is Alzheimer’s Disease. Be the first to market and help these patients. The FM Shift has laid out a clear and concise plan from treatment protocols to marketing that works! I’ve seen the effect of Alzheimer’s first hand and I’m excited to be able to help families that until now had no hope. The FM Shift Doctors are compassionate doctors and pioneers in the reversal of Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Disease. Don’t wait to help your community. We are only at the beginning of this great don’t want to be left behind and wonder what if I had only taken the opportunity.
Dr. E. Botelho, DC
"I can’t think of a patient population more ready for cutting edge treatment!"
27 years of practice, I’ve always enjoyed helping patients. What’s truly rewarding is purposefully helping others, creating a stable business all the while, helping pioneer new ground.

FM Shift has checked all the boxes with their new Cognitive Decline /Alzheimer’s niche. I can’t think of a patient population more ready for cutting edge treatment! Thanks FM Shift
Dr. Wayne Greathouse, DC
"The results have been miraculous..."
The FM Shift has allowed us to expand our practice by working with a condition that very few offices/doctors are helping. The sadness of how this is affecting people and individuals is striking. The ability to help and give these patients and families hope is a wonderful feeling. 

The results have been miraculous and these patients are very grateful for the help. Drs' Credeur and Valdes have made the approach to treatment very systematic. Being one of the first to do this protocol in my area will be practice changing.
Dr. Stephen Wander, Wander Author of:"Finding a Wandering Mind", "Reverse Your Diabetes, Change Your Life", "It's Not You, It's Your Thyroid"
Hosted at the Marriott Denver Tech Center
Save Your Seat At
Drive The Shift
  •  September 15-16: Plan to stay the weekend
  •  Bring Your Spouse For Free: Clinicians and staff receive discounted tickets after the first purchase
  •  Top FM Doctors: Surround yourself with the industry leaders in Functional Medicine
  •  Discounted Tickets For Associate Doctors & Staff
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